New Moon in Virgo August 2019

Time to make it real. 


The Sun and Moon are conjunct at about 7 degrees in Virgo sometime before 5am (colorado mountain time) on August 30th 2019. Surrounding the New Moon in Virgo, are the personal planets. Mercury on one side, then Mars and Venus on the other. This New Moon carries the ‘detailing’ virgoan energy. It is beckoning us to narrow down our intentions into an organized and achievable goal.

Virgo, is a mutable earth sign, it is the most changeable earth with Mercury as the ruler. Virgo is a sign of service. it cares about health and well being, and it is constantly working to achieve the next level of perfection (whatever the focus for perfecting is). It is the maiden sorting the grain, deciding what should be kept and what should not. It brings focus to what is important, and eliminates the unnecessary in order to achieve a more perfect result.  With Mars (our will to do), Venus (what we like) and Mercury (how we think and communicate) all on board with the Virgo nature we are called to make our goals realistic and improved. To sort out the achievable, trim off any excess and bring focus for manifestation. 

With the personal planets surrounding the New Moon, we have more clarity and opportunity to bring our goals into our lives. But that’s not all, there is a grand trine binding the transformative potential for the manifesting in your life. Saturn and Pluto are stretching out from the middle and late degrees of Capricorn to give a tickle of support for transformation and rule-bound decisions. Their touch is light and most strongly tugging on Venus. You might be shifting what you want and putting limitations on what you think you can have. On the other hand you may be utilizing the hoops to jump though, in order to ‘grind’ and get what you want. I can’t help to think with Pluto there, it brings a layer of personal transformation. I'm not sure in what direction, it may be what you’re achieving has transformed you. Or, as you are changing, so is what you come to terms with as your true desires—your really, down-to-the-bone, must-haves in reality, not just the idealization of dreams. 

The 3rd corner of the Trine, and sitting strong is Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus. Giving some pizzaz and stability as it provokes inspiration in how your potential achievements can affect the community. Uranus the rebellious, electric, eccentric mad scientist is provoking your goal to have larger purpose in the outer world, and may be inspiring some unexpected turns and awakenings as you work with the scrutiny of the Virgo nature.

While this Virgo New Moon can be used for goal refining, it is also possible the ‘urge to purge’ is popping up in your day to day life. Wanting to finally clean up your diet, change up your personal routines or an almost ‘spring cleaning’ type of vibe. I hope you can direct these energies effectively in your life, and may you have a great time polishing your potential!

Happy Star Living,

AJ Caprikorn

Photo by GMarkArt