Scorpio New Moon 2019

It is what has yet to be revealed that brings magic and power.


Its time to dive deep, whether you were ready or not. Mercury and Venus have been in Scorpio and now so are the Sun and Moon. The New Moon is exact Sunday night, Colorado time around 10pm on Oct 27th 2019. The Moon will conjunct the Sun at 4 degrees in Scorpio. Scorpio is sensitive to the under layers of what’s going on around it, they like anything taboo. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, like ice. And like ice, a Scorpio’s feelings and instinctual gatherings of a situation runs deep under the surface like the flowing water deep underneath the ice.

In the northern hemisphere Scorpio season is the middle of fall when all the leaves fall off and the trees appear dead. The magic percolates deep inside, unseen on the surface. Scorpio is often a sign that gets a bad wrap…I don’t think everyone embraces their dark side or understands the passion of Scorpio, despite the killing sting that can come seemingly out of nowhere from Scorpio. While that side can exist there’s more to Scorpio than that, in fact there are 3 (or actually 4 I've heard of ) that symbolize Scorpio. So yes, there is the instinctual killing sense of the Scorpion, but there is also the transformative twist of the Phoenix rising and the Eagle which gets a wholesome birds’ eye view before swooping in on its kill, (the forth symbol I've heard mentioned on occasion is the Dove). Point being there are many layers--although often hidden--to Scorpio. Scorpio is passionate and does not shy away from the grit of life.

So what's happening with this New Moon? We're surrounded by water…. eeek emotions! But it is more complicated than that and more simple all at once. What was hidden beneath still moves and seeks acknowledgment. Venus—what we like—and Mercury—how we think and communicate—are in Scorpio along with the Sun and Moon. We are drawn to anything swept under the rug and emotions may be exaggerated at the moment. Anything in-denial is manifesting subconsciously outside of us in our day to day life if it is not being acknowledge on the inside. Neptune in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer are the other big water contenders. The places and people where you feel safe and can open up are vital right now. Find that space where you can be you, and explore other sides to yourself. While it can seem so counterintuitive to the energies at hand, having trust in others without expectation and being vulnerable about your truth and needs can be very powerful. As well as understand the importance of expressing your needs vs. demanding them. Express your needs and be willing to make the changes you need yourself.

With Mars (being the task master diplomat in Libra) squared to Saturn in Capricorn, there is a lot of stop and go in our action—the feeling of constantly running into walls. While this transit slowly shifts, we will be taking on mercury retrograde later this week. What to do with all this? Focus on what you can get done well enough now, and get it done. Be prepared to listen deep inside yourself and have patience for yourself as the outside world may get to be a little chaotic feeling. Oh also, I almost forgot to mention, Uranus is in exact opposition to the Sun and Moon. Hold on for the awaking ride and the unexpected. Uranus will be striking like unpredictable lightning to spice up your life. Whether it is good change or bad change is up to you, change is change, the more you can roll with it, the more ease in the flow for life for you in this next lunar cycle and beyond.

What advice can I give with all these emotions, unexpected potential and a re-do-it retrograde? Well, despite what may draw seriousness, remember playful innocence and allow yourself to be free amongst all the pressure. Life will at some point come to and end as we know it, exploring the depths gives a vibrancy, but also letting light hearted ‘everything is already ok’ in. Get some perspective and focus on one step at a time, as it is possible to go deep and stay lighthearted!

If ever you feel like you need more support or understanding how these planetary movements are affecting your planets personally, contact me to set up a personal birth chart reading from anywhere in the world.

Happy deep diving,

~AJ Caprikorn

Photo by Gmarkart