Scorpio New Moon 2019

It is what has yet to be revealed that brings magic and power.


Its time to dive deep, whether you were ready or not. Mercury and Venus have been in Scorpio and now so are the Sun and Moon. The New Moon is exact Sunday night, Colorado time around 10pm on Oct 27th 2019. The Moon will conjunct the Sun at 4 degrees in Scorpio. Scorpio is sensitive to the under layers of what’s going on around it, they like anything taboo. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, like ice. And like ice, a Scorpio’s feelings and instinctual gatherings of a situation runs deep under the surface like the flowing water deep underneath the ice.

In the northern hemisphere Scorpio season is the middle of fall when all the leaves fall off and the trees appear dead. The magic percolates deep inside, unseen on the surface. Scorpio is often a sign that gets a bad wrap…I don’t think everyone embraces their dark side or understands the passion of Scorpio, despite the killing sting that can come seemingly out of nowhere from Scorpio. While that side can exist there’s more to Scorpio than that, in fact there are 3 (or actually 4 I've heard of ) that symbolize Scorpio. So yes, there is the instinctual killing sense of the Scorpion, but there is also the transformative twist of the Phoenix rising and the Eagle which gets a wholesome birds’ eye view before swooping in on its kill, (the forth symbol I've heard mentioned on occasion is the Dove). Point being there are many layers--although often hidden--to Scorpio. Scorpio is passionate and does not shy away from the grit of life.

So what's happening with this New Moon? We're surrounded by water…. eeek emotions! But it is more complicated than that and more simple all at once. What was hidden beneath still moves and seeks acknowledgment. Venus—what we like—and Mercury—how we think and communicate—are in Scorpio along with the Sun and Moon. We are drawn to anything swept under the rug and emotions may be exaggerated at the moment. Anything in-denial is manifesting subconsciously outside of us in our day to day life if it is not being acknowledge on the inside. Neptune in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer are the other big water contenders. The places and people where you feel safe and can open up are vital right now. Find that space where you can be you, and explore other sides to yourself. While it can seem so counterintuitive to the energies at hand, having trust in others without expectation and being vulnerable about your truth and needs can be very powerful. As well as understand the importance of expressing your needs vs. demanding them. Express your needs and be willing to make the changes you need yourself.

With Mars (being the task master diplomat in Libra) squared to Saturn in Capricorn, there is a lot of stop and go in our action—the feeling of constantly running into walls. While this transit slowly shifts, we will be taking on mercury retrograde later this week. What to do with all this? Focus on what you can get done well enough now, and get it done. Be prepared to listen deep inside yourself and have patience for yourself as the outside world may get to be a little chaotic feeling. Oh also, I almost forgot to mention, Uranus is in exact opposition to the Sun and Moon. Hold on for the awaking ride and the unexpected. Uranus will be striking like unpredictable lightning to spice up your life. Whether it is good change or bad change is up to you, change is change, the more you can roll with it, the more ease in the flow for life for you in this next lunar cycle and beyond.

What advice can I give with all these emotions, unexpected potential and a re-do-it retrograde? Well, despite what may draw seriousness, remember playful innocence and allow yourself to be free amongst all the pressure. Life will at some point come to and end as we know it, exploring the depths gives a vibrancy, but also letting light hearted ‘everything is already ok’ in. Get some perspective and focus on one step at a time, as it is possible to go deep and stay lighthearted!

If ever you feel like you need more support or understanding how these planetary movements are affecting your planets personally, contact me to set up a personal birth chart reading from anywhere in the world.

Happy deep diving,

~AJ Caprikorn

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Full Moon in Aquarius - July 27, 2018

Happy Full Moon, it is a total Lunar Eclipse! But not visible to us in Colorado or anywhere in the United States. The peak of the Full Moon will occur at about 2:20 pm Mountain time on Friday the 27th, 2018. The Moon may appear at its the fullest on the night of the 26th. Full visibility of the total lunar eclipse will be in parts of Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and up through some of Europe (more details see via this link: ).

The Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Aquarius. This is the axis of creativity. Aquarius is a mutable air sign, intelligent and associated with the planet Uranus. The shocking mad scientist with the love for humanity and pushing the envelope with new ideas to better society. Sometimes cold and lacking sensitivity and patience for individuals. Leo is warm and caring, children are important, as are the playful ideas for the next generation to come into power. When out of balance, Leo can be overly prideful or hurt. Leo is a mutable fire sign, associated with the Sun. The Sun and Moon are alining with the North and South Lunar nodes, thereby an eclipse occurs. Firing up this time of full maturation and letting go with what has been easy for us in the past and what we should do to grow into our future. During this time, there are many planets in retrograde, five to be exact.

Jupiter has gone direct already. Though, Jupiter puts a positive spin on things even when retrograde. However, right before the Full Moon eclipse Mercury will be retrograde, joining as one out of the five planets in retrograde ( Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are the other four). Sound the alarms! What?! Mercury is Retrograde!! EEEEK! Well, while it does usually press the panic button, keep in mind that if anything, Mercury retrograde brings us the loud reminder of patience with bombardment of information, misunderstandings, miscommunications, detours, forgetfulness and other factors that make us slow down and try again. Its not like it is avoidable, but take your time, be kind with mistakes and it too shall pass! With Mercury and the other retrograde planets.

Mars retrograde can bring feelings of retreat whether that is from a physical injury, sickness, fatigue or even doubt. Which, Mars, 'the do it' moving forward planet of our lives, moving backward can get pretty fiery frustrated! Again, retreat can be for the best, it allows us to take another look at things so we can be that much stronger and effective in what we're trying to do, and we get the chance of doing it over again. It is best to keep feeding what seeds you planted this year as fresh beginnings won't strongly be supported until next year. Pluto retrograde is going inside our darkness and secrets. Saturn might have us redoing contracts and looking over our career and responsibilities a few times during its retrograde. And finally Neptune draws us inward to our dreams and illusions enabling longer time to connect to our divine spirituality.

Ok now that we've gone backwards to review all the retrograde 'pressures' in the atmosphere, I'll remind us of a few more things before moving forward. While these planets 'move backwards' they will eventually be stationary and moving forward. However, even when they are moving forward it takes that much more time before they are covering new ground. They spend time retracing the path they've been. Like being mid hike, forgetting-say-the lunch you packed to eat at the top of the mountain, and once you arrive back at the car to get your lunch, well, you have to hike the mountain again to get to that halfway point when you realized you forgot your lunch. Eventually, you take a fresh step on the new path. In the mean time, while covering old territory in life where we've already been can be frustrating; it also allows a second look at things. A chance to see and catch amazing things we missed the first time around. I like the quote 'nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished'(Lao Tzu) to find a little more peace with this process. Enjoy the ride, it is every moment of your life after all.

Moving forward. Well kinda. The Sun is in Leo and the Moon is just opposite in Aquarius, the exact opposition will occur at about 4 degrees with Mars one degree conjunct the Moon and the North Node one degree conjunct the Sun. And Chiron is in a trine with the North Node and Sun, while squaring Saturn and in a sextile to the Moon and Mars. As a reminder, the North Node is our balancing in our journey's purpose, what we need to do or do to bring more fluidity and ease into our life (which may not always be the obvious choice). Chiron is our wound, known as the wounded healer. It is with little doubt that recent time and the ones coming have been impactful. Ripping open festering battle wounds of life, so they may be cleaned and healed properly. Pushing ourselves to our next step of growth, and facing the world and rules. Of course while in the moment of pain this can feel so defeating. As we allow the processes and support ourselves, we must grab onto the lessons before us. Humble ourselves into feeling empowered by our old wounds and what comes of the proper scars that join us on our journey. Thereby creating new depths we can carry and share in our own appropriate way. We are all deserving. It is ok to take time. You will shine again!

While it may feel like going backwards, utilize it so you may walk forwards with that much more strength. The contrast of dark brings the light. May you have love and appreciation for yourself and all those around you.

As per usual, I am available for personal birth chart readings from anywhere in the world! Get in contact and set up a reading through Live Beyond Limit.

All the best,

AJ Caprikorn

The Dreamy New Moon in Pisces - March 2018

Written by: Ariel Amber (AJ)

The overall energetic scope of the sky has been to look over the changes we've made in our lives and reassess how we've been expanding into the year, deciding what we actually have space for in our lives (emphasized by Jupiter retrograde beginning on March 8th).

There is also a general tension in the air as things are in their final push in letting go and ending winter as we enter into the vernal equinox with the sun's transition into Aries on the 20th. This is the astrological beginning of the 12 sign cycle, which is considered the 'true new year' of the cycle of the sun. 

Up to the 20th, it is best to try to go with the flow, especially as things may be challenged to be completed systematically with the Pisces moon and sun and its 'other worldly' nature. 

The sun and moon are in the same sign, Pisces, and reach the same degree in the morning of Saturday the 17th,  thus there is a new moon as the moon and sun overlap from our point of view.

Pisces is symbolized as two fish swimming in opposite directions. Associated with the planet Neptune, (and in ancient astrology it was associated with Jupiter). The Neptunian qualities makes this sign dreamy and without boundaries. It can be a time where things feel confusing or it is easy to break a rule by not acknowledging a law (or rule) such as running a stop sign.  The dreamy 'beyond this world-ness' Pisces energy might not fully acknowledge the stop sign. Alcohol is a Neptunian drug, when consumed boundaries are dissolved. With a pull for disassociation or escape, a beneficial option maybe to utilize the heightened sense of creativity. Making this a good time to meditate and connect to that which is beyond us. Participate in yoga, paint, color in a coloring book, maybe begin a dream diary or add to one you have as dreams may be more intense or revealing at this time.

Pisces rules the feet and the eyes (windows to the soul) so focusing this time on loving your feet and your soul shall reap the most benefits, and check in with your mindfulness as to how you can support your feet and soul on a day to day basis.  As part of your new moon intentions you may want to reflect on what you might be able to add to your daily or weekly routine to love and feed these parts of yourself.

In addition, by the mid afternoon the moon will be shifting into Aries, bringing a fiery assertive and maybe aggressive nature to our feelings and need to express them.

Enjoy this dreamy creative push into the vernal equinox, letting go of systematic execution until this time has passed, enjoying the creative incubation period. Don't forget where your feet are as you explore the larger celestial channels available at this time!


Happy new moon,

AJ Caprikorn



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David Palmer, The Leo King

New Moon December 2018

Written By:  Ariel Amber

Capricorn New Moon 2018

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Capricorn Moon and Capricorn Sun, the 'actual' new year. The gust of beginnings with a new moon in Capricorn gives the potential drive to really kick start the year. And really, is the energetic propulsion for the year. While the moon waned from its fullness in cancer, we likely have been processing old memories and nostalgias, hopefully allowing for a fuller view of what we really want to make space for; people in our lives, experiences and ourselves. 

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, meaning it brings in the new and can grow and stabilize those changes. Capricorn plans, works hard, and drives up the mountain for achievements. The magic of capricorn is that hard work reaps benefits. (And the opposite is true, lack of work does not produce results.) This makes for the perfect cast off of manifesting our goals.

Now, as a balancing effect I recommend while creating your plan for achievement, include reflection and recuperation moments regularly into your schedule. Don't be fooled by thinking 'I don't have enough time for that' because truly the pauses will create stronger and longer lasting effects of gusto and drive as well as the chance to assess any changes for support that you might need along the way! (but literally carve regular time for it, not making an excuse for 'dooping' out of responsibility).

To emphasize more, there is a ton of capricorn energy with multiple planets traversing capricorn. Saturn is one of those, which is at home and historically the ruler of capricorn, as it will be there at least the next 2.5 years, enjoy it! Saturn in capricorn can really put reality in one's face and thereby experiencing the consequences of laziness or lack of feeding all of our needs and responsibilities. There may be moments when you would rather stay in bed and not be responsible, but really you have got to get up. There is drive to put creations into reality and being able to map out what our dreams will need to be actualized. Being responsible, facing the facts, rules and regulations can seem daunting, but go through all the hoops and requirements and be rewarded at the end! This is the lesson of Capricorn.  If all the 'to do's' get overwhelming, try making a list and order of priority.

This new moon is the energetic propulsion for the whole year. As David Palmer, the Leo king, analogized it is like a rocket ship taking off. So, hopefully you've chosen your trajectory as switching course may create turmoil.

New Year Full Moon 2018

Authored By: Ariel Amber (AJ)

full moon 2018

This New year is beginning with a full moon. The sun is in capricorn and the moon is in cancer

The Astrological energies are strong in career and karma, and home, restoration and nostalgia.

The moon in Cancer may have you looking back, don't get lost in what was, but rather use that to implement what is important to you and reflect on what you want to call in this new year. It also has a pull to ask yourself what you can do to balance and restore yourself as the sun in Capricorn emphasizes the drive to your ambitions, putting things into reality, planning, focusing and reviewing what steps need to be done and reconciled with for achievement. Or facing the consequences of avoiding the work that needs to be done.

This Capricorn sun is emphasized by Saturn, the planet associated with Capricorn, which will be there for about the next 2.5 years. This year marks the beginning of extra emphasis on facing reality and the rules and steps that need to be honored for one's achievements and choices.

This interpretation was influenced by my own growing knowledge, that which has been taught by Lisa Schiavone, and shared by Rick Levine.