"There is no remedy for love but to love more." 
H.D. Thoreau


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

First off, I must express my immense gratitude to and for all of my teachers and guides, my friends and family, as well as my clients and peers for every bit of support, inspiration and experience you have and continue to offer me.   I could not be who I am nor do what I do without the collective wealth of energy we've shared and exchanged- thank you all.  I truly love the path I'm on and am excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with the community and provide inspiration, motivation, support and knowledge regarding health and wellness.  I will be writing about different topics regarding physical fitness, energetic research and functioning, yoga, psychology, philosophy and more so please feel free to send me suggestions and requests!  I will do my best to cover all that I can or provide you resources for those questions you may have.

Secondly, it's done! I finally got this website up and rolling. It wasn't an easy task. If you know me, you know that technology and I don't seem to be that great of friends and have a very polarized relationship. After a series of mishaps with content, browser errors, connection failures, and frustrations I have managed to become much more comfortable and familiar with the programs utilized and miraculously the troubles my computer had been having stopped long enough to let me get the first blast of the website up. I continue to be amazed at the patience I've gained, the lessons learned, and computer savy gained by this process. Don't get me wrong, there is certainly more information and slight tweaks to come, but that first step is out there.  It's the initial push needed to get the ball rolling and overcome the law of inertia, which states that an object tends to stay in its present state - it doesn't like to change without a force. 

Another way to look at it in regards to fitness, nutrition and life is that it takes a force, a push, a drive to get yourself moving in the right direction and then it gets easier to maintain and feel confident and in control.  It takes forces to pull you out of the habit too, so awareness is crutial.  We all can influence these forces in great ways to set ourselves up for success. Is it easy? Sometimes.  Is it challenging and hard work at times? Almost always.  Is it freeing, empowering and rewarding? Yes, always. So look inside, figure out your obstacles, weaknesses and fears and make them strengths to get some inertia and tackle just one thing at a time.

Gandhi's words "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" are words I strive to live by, so my one thing to work on was my website being published. Since that's done the next step is to add more in depth information. What is your one thing to work on and complete? 

Written by: Kate Wrightson