Full Moon

Full Moon in Aquarius - July 27, 2018

Happy Full Moon, it is a total Lunar Eclipse! But not visible to us in Colorado or anywhere in the United States. The peak of the Full Moon will occur at about 2:20 pm Mountain time on Friday the 27th, 2018. The Moon may appear at its the fullest on the night of the 26th. Full visibility of the total lunar eclipse will be in parts of Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and up through some of Europe (more details see via this link:  https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2018-july-27 ).

The Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Aquarius. This is the axis of creativity. Aquarius is a mutable air sign, intelligent and associated with the planet Uranus. The shocking mad scientist with the love for humanity and pushing the envelope with new ideas to better society. Sometimes cold and lacking sensitivity and patience for individuals. Leo is warm and caring, children are important, as are the playful ideas for the next generation to come into power. When out of balance, Leo can be overly prideful or hurt. Leo is a mutable fire sign, associated with the Sun. The Sun and Moon are alining with the North and South Lunar nodes, thereby an eclipse occurs. Firing up this time of full maturation and letting go with what has been easy for us in the past and what we should do to grow into our future. During this time, there are many planets in retrograde, five to be exact.

Jupiter has gone direct already. Though, Jupiter puts a positive spin on things even when retrograde. However, right before the Full Moon eclipse Mercury will be retrograde, joining as one out of the five planets in retrograde ( Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are the other four). Sound the alarms! What?! Mercury is Retrograde!! EEEEK! Well, while it does usually press the panic button, keep in mind that if anything, Mercury retrograde brings us the loud reminder of patience with bombardment of information, misunderstandings, miscommunications, detours, forgetfulness and other factors that make us slow down and try again. Its not like it is avoidable, but take your time, be kind with mistakes and it too shall pass! With Mercury and the other retrograde planets.

Mars retrograde can bring feelings of retreat whether that is from a physical injury, sickness, fatigue or even doubt. Which, Mars, 'the do it' moving forward planet of our lives, moving backward can get pretty fiery frustrated! Again, retreat can be for the best, it allows us to take another look at things so we can be that much stronger and effective in what we're trying to do, and we get the chance of doing it over again. It is best to keep feeding what seeds you planted this year as fresh beginnings won't strongly be supported until next year. Pluto retrograde is going inside our darkness and secrets. Saturn might have us redoing contracts and looking over our career and responsibilities a few times during its retrograde. And finally Neptune draws us inward to our dreams and illusions enabling longer time to connect to our divine spirituality.

Ok now that we've gone backwards to review all the retrograde 'pressures' in the atmosphere, I'll remind us of a few more things before moving forward. While these planets 'move backwards' they will eventually be stationary and moving forward. However, even when they are moving forward it takes that much more time before they are covering new ground. They spend time retracing the path they've been. Like being mid hike, forgetting-say-the lunch you packed to eat at the top of the mountain, and once you arrive back at the car to get your lunch, well, you have to hike the mountain again to get to that halfway point when you realized you forgot your lunch. Eventually, you take a fresh step on the new path. In the mean time, while covering old territory in life where we've already been can be frustrating; it also allows a second look at things. A chance to see and catch amazing things we missed the first time around. I like the quote 'nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished'(Lao Tzu) to find a little more peace with this process. Enjoy the ride, it is every moment of your life after all.

Moving forward. Well kinda. The Sun is in Leo and the Moon is just opposite in Aquarius, the exact opposition will occur at about 4 degrees with Mars one degree conjunct the Moon and the North Node one degree conjunct the Sun. And Chiron is in a trine with the North Node and Sun, while squaring Saturn and in a sextile to the Moon and Mars. As a reminder, the North Node is our balancing in our journey's purpose, what we need to do or do to bring more fluidity and ease into our life (which may not always be the obvious choice). Chiron is our wound, known as the wounded healer. It is with little doubt that recent time and the ones coming have been impactful. Ripping open festering battle wounds of life, so they may be cleaned and healed properly. Pushing ourselves to our next step of growth, and facing the world and rules. Of course while in the moment of pain this can feel so defeating. As we allow the processes and support ourselves, we must grab onto the lessons before us. Humble ourselves into feeling empowered by our old wounds and what comes of the proper scars that join us on our journey. Thereby creating new depths we can carry and share in our own appropriate way. We are all deserving. It is ok to take time. You will shine again!

While it may feel like going backwards, utilize it so you may walk forwards with that much more strength. The contrast of dark brings the light. May you have love and appreciation for yourself and all those around you.

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All the best,

AJ Caprikorn

New Year Full Moon 2018

Authored By: Ariel Amber (AJ)

full moon 2018

This New year is beginning with a full moon. The sun is in capricorn and the moon is in cancer

The Astrological energies are strong in career and karma, and home, restoration and nostalgia.

The moon in Cancer may have you looking back, don't get lost in what was, but rather use that to implement what is important to you and reflect on what you want to call in this new year. It also has a pull to ask yourself what you can do to balance and restore yourself as the sun in Capricorn emphasizes the drive to your ambitions, putting things into reality, planning, focusing and reviewing what steps need to be done and reconciled with for achievement. Or facing the consequences of avoiding the work that needs to be done.

This Capricorn sun is emphasized by Saturn, the planet associated with Capricorn, which will be there for about the next 2.5 years. This year marks the beginning of extra emphasis on facing reality and the rules and steps that need to be honored for one's achievements and choices.

This interpretation was influenced by my own growing knowledge, that which has been taught by Lisa Schiavone, and shared by Rick Levine.