Full moon

Full Moon in Aires

The Self and the Other


The Full Moon reaches its peak at 3:07pm (GMT) on Sunday, October 13th 2019, when the Moon in Aires moves to 20 degrees exactly opposite the Sun at 20 degrees Libra. Whenever we experience a Full Moon, it has a balancing-effect as opposite archetypal energies balance one another. It is a time when you can reflect, get rid of, and add things to your doings, after living out and learning from your intentions from the fresh energetic beginnings of the previous New Moon. So here we are again, reflecting on what was and what is to become as some things have now come to frutirition. We are experiencing some big reveals in the realms of relationships to other and our needs. The warrior energy of Aires won't back down, while Peacemaker Libra may sometimes compensate too much.
Who are the other contenders? Well, at least on the surface there may be some more unintended snappiness with interactions as Mars is uncomfortable in Libra and the heat is getting brought out with the moon moving through Aires. (Not everyone is so affected by that but it might be more frequent than usually). With Mercury and Venus in Scorpio we have deeper needs. Needs that can come out as insecurities, if we don't take the time to go deeper. We must go within ourselves and face the grit of our needs. This is all a nice preparation of the Sun preparing to moving into Scorpio in little over a week. Scorpio is the time when the Magic goes deep within, hidden and disguised from the surface. And thus comes power. It is very important not to bleed energy, check in with keeping the right amount of energy in the reserves. It is possible to give to yourself and others. It is possible to have respect for yourself and others.

Also, Mercury in Scorpio is making a grand trine with the North Node in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. This is an efficient emotive 'get lost' in the comfort of home energy cycle. There's an undeniable need for time in your homey comfortable space, whether that is at a physical home or somewhere else that gives a sense of home and retreat for you (or the need to find/create such space physically or internally). This is also a very powerful time to meditate, whether it is at home or facilitated by somebody. You are being called to go down deep for the answers you seek and the messages that are waiting to reach you.

You may be running into bumps and neediness for reassurance from the outside and feeling unable to get it. It is important to go inward. If your first instinct is to reach out when feeling lonely, questioning yourself or in some other type of need--wait, and go inside first. What do I mean? if you're feeling hurt and lost and want someone to comfort you, look to yourself and ask yourself for comfort and approval(like literally having a conversation with yourself and literally hugging yourself, or journaling could also be another method to do this). Self assurance is an opportunity to grow that inner strength and have a moment to really hear your needs from yourself. Then, of course you can proceed to reach out as you wanted to before, after doing the self-love internal exercise which will enable you to feel more whole (maybe only a little, maybe a lot a bit). Other ideas to do this could be to take a bath, meditate, take 10mins just to sit and listen to your feelings and thoughts (with as little judgment as possible). Experiment and find a method to take a moment with you. Also, acknowledge and cheer yourself on like a loving parent would do for a young child learning something new. Have your own back. Need I go on?

If you have more questions, or would like a reading, I'm here for you!
May you find the power of self love,

~AJ Caprikorn

Photo by Caleb Jon Photography instagram: @calebjonphoto