New moon

New Moon in Libra

Bringing in the balance


The New Moon in Libra brings it all to balance. The Moon and Sun meet in the sky at exactly 5 degrees and 20 minutes in Libra, on Saturday, September 28th 2019, at 12:27pm Mountain Standard Time.
We have just experienced the equinox this past Monday, when the Sun transitioned into Libra. The equinox is the mid-way point between the solstices, the balance of light and dark, and the transition of the seasons. Libra is all about balance, the mediator, a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. Air is a mental element, cardinality brings in the beginnings and fresh-starts. Venus, when a Queen in the Libra castle, cares about peace and beauty, that the ascetics are pleasing, and that there is harmony inside with outward balance and fairness between all in the space. It just so happens that during the New Moon, Venus is in Libra with Mercury but neither are making a conjunction to the Sun and Moon.
Mercury with Venus in Libra are charging up what you like and and how you are thinking about what your soul and heart are creating. It is supported by big ideas from philosophical Jupiter in Sagittarius and challenged by the healing and personal wounds of Chiron in Aires. And, of course, we are still experiencing the growth potential by facing rules and reality(coming from Saturn in Capricorn), which is enabling long term transformation(coming from Pluto in Capricorn). There is the experience of seeing and knowing what you want or is to come, but a glass wall or something that its quite allowing it to be now. Keep in mind its all working in good time, let the needs of the present guide you, as you choose to place your actions on the most valuable things you want to thrive in your life. "Where thoughts go, energy flows"!

Backtracking, the last Full Moon in Virgo had us detailing our plan of action. Some of the virgoan energy is still carrying us forward as Mars is in Virgo. This is giving a drive forward with our past intentions, caring about those details as we move with the fresh breath of Libra. However, we are pulled to pay attention to how our choices are affecting the relationship to ourselves and others. Promoting us to check-in with our integration into social flow, and having us come to terms with any overwhelm--you may be facing something you can't take on right now. Be that the case, that thing will need to be dropped for the moment, and amendments made to agreements for the better harmony of the whole. All in good time.
As you set your intentions with the new beginnings of the lunar and seasonal cycle, focus on what brings balance to your life and your work. Bring in the intent to honor yourself, your surroundings, and your relationship to others. it is ok to ask what you need from others and what you need from yourself. This is a time of integration as anything that was inward is coming outward and vice versa, things experienced on the outside are internalizing. May you be at peace as you come to terms with what is best for your personal internal and outward harmony.

AJ Caprikorn

Photo by G. Mark Art