Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Bring it on! As soon as you realize it is possible, possibilities come!

The Sun in Virgo will reach 21 degrees as the Moon will be in exact opposition in Pisces at 11:30pm (MDT), in the last night hours of Friday September 13th.


The energies are tipping heavy on the mutable side with the entourage of planets in Virgo with the Sun. Neptune and the Moon are both in Pisces and Jupiter is still in Sagittarius. Mutable signs bring about an end, they transition energy from one season to the next. The Full Moon energy is backing us with powerful change. The universe is in full support of letting go, things have come to full maturation. Now is the time to let those endings be filled, as we near the equinox. The extra time with the Sun is winding down in the Northern hemisphere as we pass the longer sunny days to the South. It is a good thing, we need this. It is a natural and beautiful balance to all the activity of summer. The ‘get it done’ energy is not over, but rather slowing down and adding more precision. The nature of Virgo is guiding us to be exact and particular into what we feed our creation. Along with the letting go, is this big new thing in your life that is inspiring your attention. And finally having the opportunity to give it focused growth.

The Moon in Pisces, is the gentle and whimsical reminder to chill and unplug. The Virgo entourage (of Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury) has us clearing the space and making the success list for this new thing in our life. But, the Moon in Pisces reminds us we can burn out our flame—and will get sick if we do. You must take breaks to get lost in something, and it feeds your creative energy anyway. Talking with friends and strangers can stimulate new ideas as well as sinking into some literature or even a movie with the right mindset to trigger inspiration for you. So what do you do? Yes drive, push and organize as you squeeze the last bit out of summer, and be wise to connection with your feelings and intuition for recharge and moments of escape. Goal setting is a useful thing at this time and very Virgo-pleasing, you could also set a goal to honor the Pisces and Virgo nature, such as “for the next 30days I plan to take 2 hours a week to pamper myself and I will take 5minutes of everyday to step outside to breath slow and deep as I experience my surroundings, and for 20mins everyday I will work on “(fill in the blank)” to achieve this new project in my life. 

With that example you can make it your own as you set your Full Moon Intentions. Allow this new shift in your life for your success, you are completely capable. I’m here for you, if you have questions or would like to set up a personal birth chart reading.

~AJ Caprikorn 

Photo by Gmark Art

Sleep: Essential for Mind-Body Health

By: Pamela Ballard

Did you know? 
Humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep! 

Sleep: Essential for Mind-Body Health
Adults and children alike are spending more time awake late at night to study, work, or have fun. All those late nights may be slowly killing us. More than 20 years of research shows us that sleep is vitally important to physical and mental health. 
Most of what we know about sleep and health comes from studies of what happens to the mind and body when we don't sleep enough, or at all. In animal and human studies, living without sleep for even a few months resulted in death. Sleeping fewer than 8 hours a night on a regular basis is associated with increased risk for diabetes, heart disease and stroke, depression, colds and flu, and obesity. 

While We Are Sleeping...
Sleep affects brain chemistry and has an important role in the functioning of the nervous, immune and endocrine systems. During sleep we develop and reinforce neural pathways involved in memory, learning, and emotion. New research suggests sleep helps flush toxins from the brain. 
While we are sleeping, the body manufactures hormones that repair damage caused by stress and the environment in which we work and play. Growth hormone cleanses the liver, builds muscle, breaks down fat, and helps normalize blood sugar. We also produce hormones that help fight infections. If we aren't getting sufficient sleep, we get sick more often and take longer to recover. Lack of sleep increases inflammation, which is has been linked to heart disease and stroke. 
Skimping on shut-eye is linked with obesity in adults and children. Lack of sleep interferes with the levels of metabolic hormones that signal when you're hungry and when you're full. 
The amount of sleep you need varies based on age, activity level, quality of sleep, and genetics (e.g., some of us really are night owls). Infants typically require 14-15 hours of sleep per 24-hour period; young children about 12 hours; teens about 9 hours, and most adults 7-9 hours. A general rule of thumb for determining your sleep requirement: If you do not wake feeling refreshed, you may not be getting enough sleep. 

Are You Sleep Deprived?
You don't have to pull "all-nighters" to become sleep deprived. A sleep debt of just 1-2 hours a few nights a week can affect your health and performance. To become fully well-rested and regain energy after a sleep debt, get an extra hour of sleep each night for one week. 
If you experience any of the following the signs of sleep deprivation, talk to your healthcare provider about natural approaches to getting your sleep back on track. 
·         Daytime drowsiness; fatigue
·         Poor memory; difficulty concentrating
·         Changes in appetite
·         Difficulty dealing with stress
·         Irritability
·         Muscle tension; impaired vision
·         Increase in accidents or clumsiness