What can Aerial Arts do for you?

Lyra Fort Collins

Aerial Arts, whether it's aerial yoga, trapeze, lyra, silks, sling...etc, is one of the most functional, fun, and empowering exercise, fitness, and expression modalities we've come across.  No matter what fitness level you're currently at, aerial arts is adaptable and can meet you where you are. It's the perfect combination of strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, functionality, coordination, and grace asking students and practitioners to use their full body in each and every movement while having fun and making it look effortless. 

Therapeutically, aerial can help individuals overcome fears, learn to trust oneself, build stability, decompress joints and offer space and length back to the body, increase confidence, boost immune function, balance hormones, increase body awareness, and balance the nervous system out.  We work routinely with individuals recovering from spinal injuries, neurological disorders, depression, anxiety, oncology, and more to help improve function and wellness either one on one or in group environments to overcome whatever limits they are experiencing in order to leave more empowered and healthy mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Aerial MEME

Artistically, aerial is virtually limitless.  No matter what apparatus you gravitate towards, the tricks, transitions, expression and artistry is endless and limited only by your own sense of creativity.  The language is almost always different in whatever studio you go to, you have the opportunity to create new combinations, entrances, exits, and maneuvers, and you'll develop a unique sense of personal expression and approach to the art as your teachers and training buddies.

Physically, aerial is virtually unmatched.  Aerialists develop a type of strength I've seen no where else in all of my years of performance training save competitive gymnasts on bar or rings.  The mastery of the body offered by taking your time with aerial arts training requires strength and stability in 100% of your possible range of motion.  Our LBL aerialists perform amazingly in the cross training opportunities they explore (CrossFit, Parkour, Yoga, Acro, Hiking, Lifting, Boxing, Climbing) and have the mindset that they can do anything they dedicate themselves to.

Aerial Silks Fort Collins

There's no "cheating" your body in aerial, momentum can only get you so far, technique is everything, and your life is 100% in your hands, which creates this amazing opportunity to learn a deep level of respect for oneself, your training partners, and the equipment used. The community created by aerial classes is based on a culture of respect, encouragement, trust, and growth.  Your training partners will see you at your worst and your best and help you continue on 100% of the time. 

Give it a try and see the benefits for your mind, body, and heart.