Be You

Being Authentic in Your Movement

Whoever said that we should "Dance like no one is watching" was a smart cookie. Life is a dance and we should dance like no one is watching us, judging our actions, and expecting a certain outcome other than the ones that make us thrive in a sustaining and beautiful way. 

Dance, or I even like to think of it as authentic movement, is one thing we don't have to teach to babies. They hear music and they move in their own way. Little kids? They dance like ridiculous, free, happy souls and don't care what anyone has to think about it. They express themselves.  Somewhere some of us forget this. We forget how to dance our dance and be ourselves. I personally think this happens from experiences we are taught to label as "bad" or "inappropriate".  We are molded into the expectations of others instead of listening to the music beating in our own hearts. 

If you feel like you've lost touch with your dance, or you don't like the movement you're in right now, I encourage you to take charge and do these few things for yourself:

  • What patterns (footwork) do you see in your life?

  • What is the rhythm of your life and actions?

  • Are you connected to your life, actions, breath

Then once you figure out where you are and what you're doing try these next steps to move a little more freely, authentically, and in touch:

  • Write a list of what actions make you feel free

  • Plan a few different goals (your big moves) that will incorporate the above actions

  • Figure out the first step to each goal

  • Indulge in that first step

When you try the above things, remember that in dances sometimes there are missteps and moves that end up not feeling great. I encourage you to learn from those steps and pivot off of them to something greater, something recovering, something with your own flair, and something we visualized and maybe didn't even know we were capable of. 

Each of us has a unique dance.  It is our individual responsibility to put our flair in the dance---our life. Dance your dance, your life, and make it feel great.