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Self Actualization and Imagination at Music Festivals!

Festivals aren't a new thing, but they are gaining momentum and recognition in the larger picture of the United States, community and the role they play in our lives. 

If you have never or only recently have been introduced to the idea of festivals and community arts gatherings,  you may not know what to expect. Alchemy is the only word that comes to mind.  Festivals are about community, openness, sharing,  and the purest form of love. They are about sharing each others' unique nature in a communal setting to celebrate life and expression. Authentic. Pure. Free.  These are the expressions you see throughout the festival gatherings which are unique and recharging to the soul.  

If you haven't attended a festival, go to one as soon as you can! They truly will allow you space to become free from any bounds you've been imposing on yourself. Here are some tips:

  1. Leave technology behind and throw yourself into the music, expression and sharing nature.  

  2. Bring plenty of nutritious food to care for your body.

  3. Remember to hydrate.

  4. Bring sunscreen and reapply frequently.

  5. Follow traditional food safety and preparation guidelines. 

  6. Be ready to share your intellect, artistic expression, expressive nature or whatever else you may offer to help boost yourself and the festival community into a charged state of health, healing and bliss.

Stay tuned for details about experiences and showcases from Sonic Bloom - a wonderful festival held in the little mountain town of Georgetown, CO.   

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  Einstein

Imagination - it truly is what "encircles the world".  Festivals are full of imagination, expression, creativity and open expression of love and acceptance.  

At Sonic Bloom and other festivals like ARISE in Loveland, you'll be greeted by large art installations and artists of all varieties actively creating beautiful pieces ranging from glass work and bead work to paintings and videography.  It's awesome, inspiring and truly freeing to be surrounded by such a wonderful display of talent and beauty. You'll also notice and be surrounded by amazing displays of visual and performance art via musicians, dancers, acrobats, hula-hoopers, fire spinners, yoga practitioners and more. 
It's amazing to witness...but what happens when you leave? Try following up on your favorite vendors, artists and performers. Get inspired by them to find your own light and spark.  We all are as creative and capable of expressing our creativity as those you come across in the festival environment. 

Start by making a list:

1. What are your best features or skills? Are you a problem solver? Do you like puzzles? Do you like to draw? Sing? Move? Are you analytical? Good with people? Do you have good humor? Etc...

2. Take your favorite skills and features and think of 5 ways you are able to apply them to your life - family, friends, work, self, and the world.

3. Go forth and conquer! Put your unique expressions and capabilities to work not only for yourself, but so you may impact others and be a source of inspiration in their lives.

Enjoy all the changes that you witness in your life and shine your spark for all to see!



  1. 1. the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities, esp. considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

Festival Culture allows people to come together to see, experiment, discover, and share their gifts.  It puts the intention out to help individuals manifest their dreams and realize that we're not cookie cutter people. We are not created as the same even though we consist of the same "stuff" - energy.  We all mirror an innate need, desire, strength, weakness, passion, drive, and beauty of those around us and the greater picture of nature, energy, and existence, but represent our own individual perspectives and experiences. 

My first festival, Sonic Bloom, was full of open hearts making gentle eye contact, having discussions about ideas and life and supporting each other when it was needed.  I was able to teach my first class (pictured above) to and serve a group of international individuals, which is one of my dearest dreams-changing the world through kindness, precision, movement, and love.  How amazing the experience was with a full class in a gorgeous domed room full of artwork and energy sharing! To have people from all over come up and discuss the art, their struggles, their gratitude....there is just nothing better that I can imagine. 

Manifesting and reaching self-actualization is open to all. Yes, even you.  If there is something that you have been longing for or that hasn't been going right in your life, I encourage you to look at yourself at this moment.  What is it that you've been putting out to the world? What is it that you think about the most, desire the most, and wish to accomplish? 

Here's a secret-the universe doesn't understand "I don't want" or "please no".  All it understands are the vibrations, thoughts, and intentions you put out.  So again, look at what your thought patterns - can you change them around to be exactly what you do want?  Do you even KNOW what you do want?  If not, don't worry, simply do a little soul searching and start with the broad things like "Financial Security" and "Safety".  Once you have some clue, try the following "How To" for manifesting and actualizing your true potential:

1) Write down and verbally state exactly what you want and where you want to be down on paper.
2) Visualize every aspect of what you want, as if it's already true and real.
3) Actually try to FEEL how it feels for those desires to become reality.
4) Don't worry about the "how", often times that turns into worrying, but rather think of the end result and make sure your daily actions are acknowledging all of the opportunities and growth experiences along the way.
5) Trust that you will get there.
6) Repeat each and every day.