Be Kind to the Skin You're In!

Did you know that your body absorbs and "eats" whatever comes in contact with your skin?  Chemicals, irritants, and nutrition can all be absorbed and taken in by your body's largest organ - the skin.  Knowing this, it's important to think about what you purposefully come in contact with each day as far as your purchases and products are concerned. 

We've compiled a small non-exclusive list of healthy and simple options and tips for skin care to help you simplify and feel good about what you use on your skin. 

Product Guidelines

  1. If you can't pronounce the ingredients, most likely it's not that great for you!  
  2. The simpler, the better.  Products with fewer ingredients you are familiar with are usually the way to go!
  3. Organics, non-GMO, and fair trade are key!  Your money and purchase power matter.  You vote every time you spend, so support sustainable and fair products and companies trying to give back to the planet.
  4. NO Palm Oil!  The palm oil industry is rapidly causing decline of natural environments, displacing species, and threatening endangerment or species extinction.  There are other, more sustainable choices.

Simple Substitutions for Lotions and Scrubs

Coconut Oil
  1. Organic Oils: Coconut (cooling), Sesame (heating), Olive, Jojoba
  2. Organic Butters: Shea Butter, Coco Butter
  3. Coffee Scrub (Ground coffee, coconut oil, whiskey - hydrating, great for oily skin, antiseptic for combo or acne prone skin, and wonderful for reducing wrinkles and cellulite due to the caffeine support)
  4. Sugar Scrub (Brown sugar, coconut oil, essential oils of choice, and honey is supporting dry skin - moisturizing and exfoliating)