Aerial Silks, Sling, Lyra, Trapeze, Pole

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Beginner Aerial Silks/Sling

Aerial Sling/Hammock Fort Collins

Limitless Beginner Aerial Silks/Hammock classes will teach the basic strength and control in inversions, wraps, locks, climbs and technical movements in the aerial silks and hammock.  

You must *TEST OUT* with all basic strength and technique to ensure safety as you evolve to drops, catches, rolls and more difficult sequencing in Intermediate classes. 

Mixed Level Aerial Silks

Mixed Level Aerial Silks will teach the technique and progressions for all wraps, catches and transitional sequences to help link vocabulary together for increased endurance and performance art capacity.  Build foundational skills, strength, technique, and vocabulary to progress your fitness and performance goals.  

Pre-requisites classes require:

  • Must test out of Limitless Beginner Silks & Sling, knee climb, aerially executed foot locks, straddle back, hip key climb

Aerial Silks Classes Fort Collins

MiXed Level Aerial Sling

Mixed Level Sling is designed to take students into more complex drops, rolls and sequences. Students will receive individualized attention for their performance and fitness goals to progress at their own pace through more advanced aerial vocabulary and skill sets. 


  • 3 pullovers, split roll, slack drops, knee drop, 360 Star Drop

Aerial Yoga Fort Collins

Beginner Trapeze

Beginner Trapeze is for individuals who have not worked on a trapeze before and who are not at an advanced beginner or above level in other aerial arts. Learn the basic movements, mounts, and postures while building strength, endurance, and comfortability in the air. 

Mixed Level Trapeze

Mixed Level Trapeze is designed for those with interest in learning trapeze.  Beginner to Intermediate individuals with or without previous trapeze or lyra experience are welcome.  It will work into beginner to intermediate mounts, postures, fluidity and sequencing, as well as increased endurance on the trapeze. 

You will progress more quickly combining this class with Beginner Lyra class attendance. 

Beginner Lyra

Limitless Beginner Aerial Lyra, also known as hoop, is a class for new students and those wishing to work on the fundamentals of lyra acrobatics and dance. This apparatus is a metal hoop, so it is quite akin to the monkey bars or appealing to those who used to do gymnastics bars.  

Aerial Lyra Fort Collins

We will focus on building strength and body awareness in the air through learning various ways of getting onto and off of the lyra, inversions, introductory movement patterns and basic tricks that will help create a solid foundation for drops and more difficult sequencing and hoop maneuvering in Intermediate and Advanced levels. 

Intermediate/Advanced Lyra

This class will work with the strength built from the previous series and apply momentum into the lyra practice. Spinning, swinging, and drops will be focused on to create a dynamic movement to take into the air.


  • controlled tuck up, pull-over, straddle back, straddle up, around the world

  • instructor approval

Mixed Level Lyra

Mixed Level Lyra is a class emphasizing on individuality and artistry, this class will push students to find more of their flow by learning new skills and being encouraged to explore different ways of moving in and out of the skills. Students will be challenged and will begin to work on much deeper shoulder stability and endurance. 

Lyra classes fort collins

As students build vocabulary and confidence in the air, they begin to create an authentic style unique to their abilities and strengths in their own practice.

Mixed Level Pole

Mixed Level Pole is a semi-private pole fitness and dance class geared toward teaching ground and air foundations, climbing, spinning, and technique.  Our instructor will coach you based off of your skill set to take your pole practice to the next level or develop a safe and healthy pole practice. Have fun, get strong, and enjoy community. 

Happy Hour - Aerial Sampler

The Limitless Sampler is an introductory circus and fitness class designed to help individuals experience the delight of flight via aerial silks, sling, and lyra dance and acrobatics.  

Our instructors happily and easily work with all fitness levels to help make circus arts fun, accessible, safe and empowering.

Learn fundamental inversions, wraps and mounts in this intro class!  

Aerial Policies:

  • Minimum of 1 registered student needed to run all aerial and circus classes. Please check registration prior to class.

  • Please remove all jewelry before class.

  • Please avoid any strong perfumes or use of lotion prior to class as they can degrade the equipment.

  • Tighter clothing and pants that come at least mid-calf are recommended for safety.

  • If you are more than 10-15 minutes late, you may not be able to join class for safety.